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Sos stains on fabrics

Stains of sunscreen on towels are no longer a problem.... Lire la suite

FM5 dilution system for the cleaning of large area

Big cleaning companies, catering companies and structures must guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of large environments, with an eye to costs and manage inve... Lire la suite

Summer is coming ... is restoration time!

A perfectly cleaned and well-treated space is a great “business card” of your costumers, a benefit of your business. The weeks preceding the arrival of summer are the most conducive to fu... Lire la suite

The importance of clean linen in the restaurant business

The standard of the restaurant costumer are always very high, therefore even the smallest stain on the table linen can be a sign of the failure of the enterprise, compromising the business success. ... Lire la suite

Detergents and disinfectants: what are the risks of incorrect dilution?

Have you ever wondered what can an improper or careless dilution of professional products used for cleaning in your business implicate? The professional products, for the target to whom there are addr... Lire la suite

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